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Problem with Seagate ST336607LW -- Cannot Read Capacity

Hello all,

I have just experienced a problem with my Seagate ST336607LW drive. I went to reboot my computer and the drive did not come up properly, seemingly out of nowhere.

The SCSI controller sees that there is a drive attached but cannot determine the capacity. I have another SCSI HD on the same controller that is working fine, so i know it is not a controller issue.

I downloaded Seagate's diagnostic utility and here is the output:
./st -i /dev/sg0
Vendor = SEAGATE
Product = ST336607LW
Version = 0007
Serial Number = 3JA6DTKQ
Copyright = Copyright (c) 2003 Seagate All rights reserved
SCSI Firmware = 09090007
Servo RAM Release = 2002D907
Servo ROM Release = 00000000
Servo RAM Date = D907
Servo ROM Date = 2002

-Cannot read capacity (Sense data = 03/31/00)
-this is a Seagate drive
-this drive supports DST
-short DST time = 120 seconds
-long DST time = 768 seconds
-Mode Page Settings [current value (default)]:
-WCE bit = 1 (1)
-RCD bit = 0 (0)
-AWRE bit = 1 (1)
-ARRE bit = 1 (1)
-DExcpt bit = 0 (0)
-Number of cache segments = 32 (32)
-PM bit = 0 (0)
-DLM bit = 0 (0)
-DTOLI bit = 0 (0)
-JIT bit 0 = 1 (1)
-JIT bit 1 = 1 (1)
-JIT bit 2 = 1 (1)
-JIT bit 3 = 1 (1)

trying to run diagnostics does not fair any better:
./st -t 10 /dev/sg0

Starting 10 % Generic Short Test on drive /dev/sg0 (^C will abort test)
test FAILED - sense data = 03/31/00

running fdisk results in the following error:
FATAL ERROR: Cannot get disk size

here is the output of hdparm:
readonly = 0 (off)
readahead = 256 (on)
geometry = 0/64/32, sectors = 0, start = 0

I am not sure what the problem may be, will this require that i send the drive in to a data recovery service? any ideas on cost?

thanks in advance
That problem almost sure is related with G-List, but only in a data recovery company you can get help to recover that drive.
The cost will depend on wich company you'll use.
Did you ever get this resolved? I have the exact same issue with the same model drive. Controller can see the drive but cant see capacity....spins loudly and that is it. I would be highly interested in finding out what the issue was, or where you sent it.

Translator corruption or another SA modules badly or MHA problems too
sense error code 03/31/00 - Medium Format Corrupted. Reassign Failed.
It is G-List problem