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MHDD USB Pen Drive?

Hi, I have USB 1GB Creative MuVo flash mp3 player. I try to put 700mb file to it but there is corruption. I make sfv of original file on my harddrive and compare to copied file on the flash drive and there is wrong checksum.

Can I use MHDD to repair bad blocks of the flash drive? I try to load MHDD from floppy with the USB pen drive plugged in but after MHDD starts it can't see the USB flash drive, only sees harddrive and cdrom drive.

Can I see USB flash drive with MHDD? What MHDD operation should use for flash drive?
You can use Magic_Boot_Disk - it is bootable ISO image with USB support and MHDD
You can also use Hiren Boot CD-it contains dos usb drivers and mhdd program.In mhdd you can use Scan or, if the data is not important, Erase.
just put a universal usb driver in a bootable device like floppy or cdrom and run it on startup from autoexec or config.sys that way u can access the usb in dos and work on MHDD with it or use any of the ready made cds like hiren and soo thats much easier .

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