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Hitachi Travelstar Master Password

Does anybody here knows the default Master Password for HITACHI Travelstar IC25N030ATMR04-0 notebook 30GB hard drive?

Drive is locked with unknown User Password at HIGH SECURITY, and 32 blank spaces for Master Password did not work. Pressing ENTER at the password prompt did not work also.

Master Password Revision is FFFEh, so default master password is still the factory setting.
Any bright guy here?
AFAIK, master password in unknown on these (since it is encrypted)...
thanks, Dmitri.

any other bright idea from other bright guys here?
If any bright guy can answer this question, then this forum is great...
:D :D :D

ghost wrote:
So are you an HDD Guru?

Then answer my question without telling me to use PC3000 PCI:
What is the default master password for HITACHI Travelstar IC25N030ATMR04-0 notebook 30GB hard drive?
I am closing this thread as it should be clear enough that there is no default master password for these drives.

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